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Another RapidWeaver blog

Yes, it's true: one more blog about our favorite web site building application for MacOS. But this one is a little different. It started back in 2011 as a blog focusing solely on free and low-cost stuff for (producing a web site with) RapidWeaver: themes, tools, tips, tricks, anything, as long as it was free – or low-cost.
    Over time, the Stacks plugin became more popular, and coding yourself was no longer an option for many people, so I started to develop my own stacks in the spirit of the blog: free (well, actually pay-what-you-want) and low-cost.
    This blog evolved with it, and is now primarily about those new stacks, although from time to time I will post about other free and low-cost stuff for RapidWeaver.

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Do you know something free (or low-cost) & useful related to RapidWeaver not mentioned here? Have a suggestion for a subject to write about here or for a new stack?
Tips, questions and remarks are always welcomed.
Just and help expand this little blog!
no, not this way…

Testing a new commenting system

Just a quick note to let you know I'm testing a new, and hopefully better commenting system.
As you may have noticed, I'm using the RapidBlog plugin for this blog. I’m really happy with it, but the Blogger commenting system I’ve been using so far, is disappointing to say the least: no threads, no comment editing, posting a comment opens an ugly popup…

Unfortunately, RapidBlog has only four commenting systems built in: Blogger (see my comments above), Haloscan, Echo (both don't exist anymore) and Disqus.
I now changed to the latter, just to see if this works better. I already four one big disadvantage though: you cannot style the Disqus box with CSS! As a result, it wrecks the nice retro look of my blog :(

I’ve looked around and found two nice alternatives to Disqus that do allow CSS editing: Livefyre (which I don’t think can be incorporated in RapidBlog) and intensedebate. The latter looks really promising. I will shoot Loghound an email and see how they think about incorporating intensedebate in RapidBlog.

Update July 23, 2013: It took two months, but I finally found out Loghound is apparently not interested. Karn just wrote me ‘While John is now aware of these options, I'm not sure it's something that's at the top of his list to work on as yet, but you'll be certainly told if he does!'.

Never mind, I'm now testing Moot. It looks really promising: very easy to use, free and much easier to style than Disqus which turned out to be impossible to style the way I wanted it (at least for me).

I integrated Moot manually in RapidBlog for now. That's a bit cumbersome, but if your interested to know how I did it (or even better: if you found a way to add the commenting automatically to each post), just let me know.

You can see the result below. Feel free to try it!

Update July 26, 2013:
I decided to ditch Moot. The main reason is that there is no way to be notified when someone comments to a post. Besides that, I think that clicking on each comment to read it is too annoying, moderation is too limited, one cannot edit its post or post as guest, etc.

Now what? Honestly, I have no idea. Due to the lack of anything better, I'm back to Disqus for or the time being. It's ugly, but at least it work. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.