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Another RapidWeaver blog

Yes, it's true: one more blog about our favorite web site building application for MacOS. But this one is a little different. It started back in 2011 as a blog focusing solely on free and low-cost stuff for (producing a web site with) RapidWeaver: themes, tools, tips, tricks, anything, as long as it was free – or low-cost.
    Over time, the Stacks plugin became more popular, and coding yourself was no longer an option for many people, so I started to develop my own stacks in the spirit of the blog: free (well, actually pay-what-you-want) and low-cost.
    This blog evolved with it, and is now primarily about those new stacks, although from time to time I will post about other free and low-cost stuff for RapidWeaver.

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Do you know something free (or low-cost) & useful related to RapidWeaver not mentioned here? Have a suggestion for a subject to write about here or for a new stack?
Tips, questions and remarks are always welcomed.
Just and help expand this little blog!
no, not this way…

New #80: MediaQueries Stack

The stack I introduce today has everything to do with responsive design: it makes it a lot easier to adjust the content of your page to the dimensions, orientation and/or screen resolution of your visitors screen.

The Stacks plugin itself provides functionality for all stacks to hide content for mobile, tablet and/or desktop. Although this is often sufficient, there are situations you may want more precise control over the breakpoints (especially when you agree with me that viewport breakpoints should be based on the design, not on devices).

In those cases, the MediaQueries Stack is the solution. With this stack, you can hide content belowbetween or above a set viewport width, choose your own units (px, em…), set the orientation (portrait, landscape) and define the minimum and/or maximum screen resolution.

Please visit the product page for more information, the possibilities, the limitations and lots of examples.