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Another RapidWeaver blog

Yes, it's true: one more blog about our favorite web site building application for MacOS. But this one is a little different. It started back in 2011 as a blog focusing solely on free and low-cost stuff for (producing a web site with) RapidWeaver: themes, tools, tips, tricks, anything, as long as it was free – or low-cost.
    Over time, the Stacks plugin became more popular, and coding yourself was no longer an option for many people, so I started to develop my own stacks in the spirit of the blog: free (well, actually pay-what-you-want) and low-cost.
    This blog evolved with it, and is now primarily about those new stacks, although from time to time I will post about other free and low-cost stuff for RapidWeaver.

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Do you know something free (or low-cost) & useful related to RapidWeaver not mentioned here? Have a suggestion for a subject to write about here or for a new stack?
Tips, questions and remarks are always welcomed.
Just and help expand this little blog!
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Contact form landing page

Now you can style your built in RapidWeaver Contact Form page like never before with my Contact Form Placeholder stack and Contact Form Beautifier stack, let's add a little more functionality to the contact form. How about redirecting your visitor to a dedicated ‘landing page’ after successfully submitting a form?

This is something that's really easy to achieve. To see it in action, just visit the demo. No stacks needed, just a small bit of code and you're done. Here's how it works:

  1. Make your contact form page and the landing page with a nice thank you message (or whatever you prefer)
  2. Give both pages their final Folder and Filename
  3. On the Contact Form Page, put the following code in Page Inspector > Page > Customizable Text > Email Sent Feedback:
  4. Change the URL (here: URL_GOES_HERE) to the url of your landing page – and don't forget to apply Format > Ignore Formatting to this code.

You will have to publish your pages and test this online, because it will not work in RapidWeaver.

The most tricky part of this all is finding the URL to the landing page, but here's a trick:

  1. On the Contact Form Page, type a word that's unique for this page (e.g. TEST)
  2. Make this word a link to the landing page
  3. Go to Source view, and search for this word.
  4. It's the piece of code just before the word TEST we're looking for. You will find something like
  5. <a href="contact/landing-page.html" rel="self" title="Landing Page">TEST</a>
  6. Copy the part between the quotation marks after href= (in this example contact/landing-page.html) and paste it in the code on the landing page
  7. Don't forget to remove TEST from the contact form page!

Update: for some reason, some tell me this doesn't work for them. I have no idea why, but here's an alternative: instead of the code mentioned above, use
<script type="text/javascript">window.location = "URL_GOES_HERE"</script>
See page #2 of the demo for an example.