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Every Day Free – But Never Cheap!
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Another RapidWeaver blog

Yes, it's true: one more blog about our favorite web site building application for MacOS. But this one is a little different. It started back in 2011 as a blog focusing solely on free and low-cost stuff for (producing a web site with) RapidWeaver: themes, tools, tips, tricks, anything, as long as it was free – or low-cost.
    Over time, the Stacks plugin became more popular, and coding yourself was no longer an option for many people, so I started to develop my own stacks in the spirit of the blog: free (well, actually pay-what-you-want) and low-cost.
    This blog evolved with it, and is now primarily about those new stacks, although from time to time I will post about other free and low-cost stuff for RapidWeaver.

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Do you know something free (or low-cost) & useful related to RapidWeaver not mentioned here? Have a suggestion for a subject to write about here or for a new stack?
Tips, questions and remarks are always welcomed.
Just and help expand this little blog!
no, not this way…

Something’s missing

Sometimes, the site you're working on doesn't show all text and pictures you would expect. What to do now? Here's a short troubleshooting guide to get you going.

A. the problem occurs in preview mode in RapidWeaver

Step 1: rule out the obvious
Preview your page in Safari. Make sure your status bar is showing. If not, choose View > Show Status Bar or use ⌘/. If the message
One error in opening the page. For more information, Choose Window > Activity
appears do so. In the activity window, all errors are marked with a red message like
The requested URL was not found.
Just reestablish the link and you are done.

Step 2: rule out the obvious Part II
It may sound silly, but make sure you did not apply things like
.classname {display: none;}
#divname {visibility: hidden;}

in Page Inspector > Header >CSS

Step 3: rule out problems or incompatibilities with the theme
Change the theme of your site just to see what happens. Using the built-in Alpha Theme is generally a good idea. It's a simple, validating theme.

Step 4: rule out incompatibilities with the features you're using on your page
Ask yourself: what bells and whistles did I add to my page? A PlusKit @import ((whatever))? code for a Twitter button? It's time to delete them one by one until the page starts to behave. Don't forget to include the Google analytics in your quest!

B. the problem does not occur in preview mode in RapidWeaver, only online (when published)

Step 1: Republish All Files
Choose File > Mark All Pages as Changed
Choose File > Republish All Files

Check your site. By now, your problem should have been solved. Still no joy? In that case, there's only one thing you can do:

Step 2: ask it on the forum
If everything failed so far, there's of course the RapidWeaver forum. It's crowded with capable RapidWeaver users, that are always willing to help you out. Here are a few hints to increase your chances for success dramatically:
  • formulated your question clearly: what goes wrong where, and what did you do to try so far to solve the problem?
  • give a link to the page that's giving you a headache
  • be friendly; most forum members are RapidWeaver users like you, trying to help each other – is not their fault or responsibility that you have a problem!