No, thats not me!
Marathia Web Design is the business trading name of Jeroen (a.k.a. Jerome) Roos. That’s me – and no, it’s not my picture on the left. Hello! I’m a web designer born in Holland, but now living on Zakynthos, Greece.

Over the years I’ve been designing websites and printed matter – first for my own company (which I sold in 2003), later on for friends and the holiday houses we rent here on Zakynthos (check them out, they’re great!).

The last years I’ve been specializing in designing small business websites on a commercial basis. Because I’ve become an expert on using RapidWeaver (a template-driven, but highly flexible application for designing stunning websites), I can design tailor-made individual websites for exceptional low rates now.

Besides web design my services include website translation, search engine optimization (SEO) etc.
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