Here’s a short overview of the main services I offer. Want to know what I can do for you? A free, no-obligation quote is just a few clicks away!
Designing tailor-made individual websites and redesigning existing websites for exceptional low rates.
SEO (Search Engine Optimation) — be known by search engines like Google and Yahoo!, so your customers can find you easily.
Domain name registration and hosting mediation — get your own domain name and server space.
CMS (Content Management System) — makes it possible to set up your site in a way you can make changes by yourself.
Writing content for your site — in English or Dutch.
Intermediation for translations into other languages.
Implementing Google Analytics — gain more insight in the number and details of your visitors.
Want to cut the cost?
Here are some tips:

Know what you want
Do you know what style you prefer for your site: grungy, retro (like this one), modern, classic … ? Which colors? Do you have examples of sites you like? The more you know, the less I will have to find out for you.

Make your own pictures
Of course you can putsource your pictures for your site, but obviously there is a price tag to that. If you have digital pictures of a good quality I can use, you can save yourself the money!

Write your own text
Do you want me to write the text for your site or do you have it ready (preferably digital, format doesn't matter)?


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